About us

F.T.S. main activities are the international trade in armoured tracked vehicles and logistical support, necessary to maintain our customers equipment. We are continuously searching and investing in new opportunities to enlarge our stocks and to ensure a reliable supply to our customers.
Our focus lies on American vehicles and maintenance spares for:

  • M113-family
  • AIFV – Armoured infantry vehicle
  • M109 howitzer and command post

In addition we hold stock of maintenance spare parts for:

  • M48/M60
  • Leopard 1


The company was founded in 1989 by owner Christiaan Muys. At that time, the company was already internationally active and specialized in military equipment used in World War II. Main clients were collectors, museums and the civil market. Until this moment, the company is still privately owned and continuing its original military trade business but on a professional level. The range of products shifted to modern armoured vehicles which are sold to governments all over the world.



The company is located in Belgium with head quarter and maintenance workshop conveniently located between Airport of Brussels and the Seaport of Antwerp. For long term storage of our vehicles and spares, we own two additional large warehouses nearby the office. Our warehouses combined cover a total area of over 25.000m².



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